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Welcome to Our Practice

Karrenbauer Integrative Family Medicine (KIFM) is an innovative healthcare model founded by Dr. Camtu Karrenbauer. Our practice embodies the principles of integrative medicine, which takes a comprehensive and patient-centered approach to health and well-being.

Integrative medicine recognizes the interconnectedness of the body, mind, spirit, and community, and treats the whole person rather than focusing solely on individual organ systems. Our goal is to provide holistic and personalized care that goes beyond treating symptoms to address the root causes of health issues.

Under the guidance of our experienced physician, we combine conventional medicine with evidence-based alternative approaches in a coordinated manner. This approach allows us to leverage the best of both worlds and offer a wide range of therapeutic options to our patients. We believe that nutrition, fitness, stress management, and healthy relationships play pivotal roles in promoting optimal health, and we integrate these elements into our treatment plans.

At KIFM, we prioritize the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient. We take the time to understand your unique circumstances, lifestyle, and health goals. This enables us to develop personalized solutions that align with your individual needs and preferences.

As an integrative primary care practice, we offer comprehensive services tailored to your family's healthcare requirements. From thorough annual exams to addressing urgent health concerns, our team is committed to delivering high-quality medical care. During office visits, we take the opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level, gathering valuable insights about your life and habits. This knowledge allows us to provide guidance and support to help you maintain good health or make positive changes to enhance your well-being.

At KIFM, we are dedicated to partnering with you on your journey to better health. Through our integrative approach, we aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to lead a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Our Mission

Our mission is driven by the need to address the growing challenges faced by healthcare systems worldwide. We recognize the rising levels of chronic illness, the effects of population aging, and the escalating costs of healthcare. Our primary goal is to guide you towards optimal health by promoting healthy lifestyles and prioritizing disease prevention.

We are committed to providing comprehensive care that extends beyond simply treating illness. Our approach focuses on proactive strategies to keep you well, as well as compassionate support when you are sick. We believe that open communication and respect for your concerns are essential in building a strong patient-provider relationship.

As a member of our practice, you will experience highly personalized direct primary care (DPC) designed to meet your specific needs. By opting for our low monthly subscription fee, you gain access to enhanced healthcare benefits. Unlike traditional medical care, our DPC model allows for more dedicated time with the doctor, ensuring that your concerns are heard and addressed thoroughly.

Furthermore, as a KIFM member, you will receive individualized care and attention through our integrative and holistic lifestyle approach. We recognize that true well-being encompasses more than just the absence of disease. Our team will work closely with you to develop a customized plan that considers your unique circumstances, lifestyle choices, and wellness goals.

At KIFM, we are driven by a commitment to high-quality, compassionate care. We strive to create a healthcare environment where you feel supported, empowered, and well-informed about your health. By embracing the principles of direct primary care and adopting an integrative approach, we aim to help you achieve lasting well-being and enjoy a better quality of life.

Understanding the newest solution in health care
known as Direct Primary Care (DPC)

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Priority Access for Patients

We prioritize your needs by offering same-day and next-day scheduling during business hours. You can expect prompt and convenient appointments that fit your schedule, ensuring timely care when you need it.

Telemedicine, web, phone, email and text Appointments

We understand the importance of direct communication with your doctor. With KIFM, you have the convenience of contacting your physician via secure web video conference, phone, email, or text messaging. This direct line of communication allows for efficient and effective healthcare interactions.

In-Office Services

Our comprehensive in-office services cover a wide range of healthcare needs. These services include wellness exams and prevention assessments, school and sports physicals, acute and chronic disease management, all in-office lab work, and most procedures performed on-site. Additionally, we provide the option of dispensing generic medications at greatly discounted prices, ensuring cost-effective care.

Discounts for Members

As a member of KIFM, you benefit from discounted rates on various healthcare services. This includes discounted labs, imaging, and medication costs, helping to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

Personalized Attention

we prioritize personalized attention to meet your specific healthcare needs. You can expect extended, relaxed visits with your physician, allowing for thorough discussions and comprehensive care. With no copays, you have direct access to your physician, fostering a strong patient-provider relationship. We also offer care coordination with specialists to ensure comprehensive and seamless healthcare management.

Integrative Health Care

KIFM takes an integrative approach to healthcare, bringing together various integrative health specialists, lifestyle disciplines, and specialty lab testing. By integrating these components, we offer a fully integrated care approach for you and your family. This approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, ensuring comprehensive and holistic care.

Personalized Nutrition Support

We recognize the importance of nutrition in promoting overall well-being. At KIFM, we provide personalized nutrition support to develop a plan catered specifically to your lifestyle and goals. This includes guidance on healthy eating habits, dietary recommendations, and ongoing support to optimize your nutrition and enhance your overall health.


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